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How Do I Change My Pickups ?

Ok so you all want better pickups, When you buy a new unit there will be a diagram supplied with it, This lets you know which wires are which, If you don´t have one get in touch with the manufacturer or check the web, When you know what wires do what then it´s a simple case of unsoldering the old one and tacking the new one to the same lugs, But if you need phase shift or coil splitting then you will need to get hold of a diagram for it , Check the wiring diagrams page out it might help you.

Beware, If you don´t know what your doing you can cause damage to your instrument and void any warranty.

If you are in any doubt then take it to a qualified repairman, It´s not as expensive as you might think and it could save you a lot of trouble in the long run.....

How Do I Become A Guitar Tech?

I get this one all the time, It´s not easy, Firtsly you need to know a great deal about guitars and amps, You can learn a lot from books but you need that vital hands on experience, Get to know your local repairman and ask if you can watch him work, offer to sweep the floor or run to the store for him, Anything to get you in there, Learn how he sets up the guitars and performs minor repairs...And KEEP learning this is an ongoing process.

Go to your local venue and try to get on the "Local Crew" This way you see how a gig is built from the ground up, It always helps to see the big picture, Watch the touring tech, See how he sets up his station and what he does through the day, Ask him questions,

Got a friend in a band? Ask to tech for him.

This is just the tip of a very deep iceberg but it´s as good a place as any to start


What´s The Money Like?

Don´t even think about it !!!  For a long time you will be broke, But if you stick to it, Build a good reputation and make the right contacts then maybe one day you´ll get the gig with that mega rock band you always dreamt about, Now your making a good wage and better still being paid to travel the world, That WILL NOT happen over night, It could take years, It could never happen,

But if you do it right then you will have a great deal of fun trying to get there.

Do I Need To Be A Good Player To Be A Tech?

Not at all, You need to know how a guitar works and how to tune it, It helps if you can play a little bit, As long as you can fret the notes up the neck to check for buzzes etc then you will be ok,

After all you are being paid to keep them in good shape, Not to dazzel everyone with your speed picking through the minor7th augmented demented scale.




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