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My name is Chris Kodjamanis, For the last ten years i lived in Sheffield ,uk untill the end of 2002 when i relocated to Germany .

I spent two years in Germany, Working with a vast array of bands and musicians, Taking on many different duties as well as a tech i also supplied and transported the backline to many festivals throughout Europe. and took on the role of Stage Manager.

This was a very exiting and rewarding time for me as no two jobs where ever the same, So quick thinking and even quicker actions where the order of the day.

I moved back to the U.K in the Autum of 2004 to carry on my work as a tech but to also Restart my guitar building and repair bussiness

I have recently spent a lot of time working on the "Oldie" circuit, These are large arena gigs where bands who had hits in the 70s perform.

There are upto 15 bands playing per show so backstage working room is very tight and with as little a 5 mins change over time things can get pretty hairy..

In situations like this i have to be totally on top on things, theres no time to think ... just make it happen !

Life on the road has told me one thing, Home is where the heart is, I live in England.. Unfortunetly my heart is in the Bahamas.

I have been from Sheffield to Vladivostock, From Stockholm to Korea and all points in between,

Re-Stringing a P.R.S on the Trans Siberian Express or locating an E.Bow in the middle of the Ukrane (try that on a sunday morning !) It's all in a days work.

Theres not much i haven't seen, done or fixed and it all adds up to a wealth of knowledge and experience. All wrapped up in one happy little bundle

Do you want your guitars and amps to sound great and work right ?

On time and every time.

Life on the road can be hard, You don't need any extra hassle...

Just plug in and play....... I'll take care of the rest !

© g.tech2003